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Chronic Care Management (CCM)

CloudPoint CCM is easy to use and device agnostic. Quickly determine and update the status of your patients while you provide CCM services. A highly intuitive dashboard allows you to easily identify the status of CCM enrolled patients in your practice. The product also features a robust care plan tool that can be readily updated.

Principal Care Management (PCM)

CloudPoint PCM is 100% compliant with Medicare requirements. Features include the ability to quickly document encounters, creating and maintain a disease specific care plan, and track the status of PCM patients in your practice.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Incorporating RPM in chronic-disease management may significantly improve an individual’s quality of life, by allowing patients to maintain independence, prevent complications, and to minimize personal costs. RPM facilitates these goals by delivering care through telecommunications.


Innovative Medical Education/ Learning and Practice Tool for Medical Colleges in US and other International Medical Teaching institutions to help Medical students, Residents, Physicians, Student Nurses, Nurses LVN/ RN and Nurse Practitioners learn EMR/ EHR application.

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CP has the healthcare IT experience and strength to deliver a dramatically simplified approach to internal and external data integration and
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